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Therapy Lamp

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  • Instant Light Therapy
  • Replicates Sun Rays
  • 3 Light Settings
  • Safe To Use
  • 10,000 Lux Brightness

A healthy solution to boost your mood.

Therapy Lamp is NOT your traditional desk lamp as it instead uses white light technology that safely mimics the rays of the morning sun. White Light Therapy has been scientifically proven to help reduce fatigue, improve moods and help individuals re-gain focus throughout their day. With 10,000 LUX brightness and 3 interchangeable settings you are able to customise the intensity for the best efficiency and comfort.  

Why light therapy?
Studies have shown that the human body responds to particular light cues - an important one being the morning sun, as the suns rays set the timing for internal biological functions.  Due to a number of factors such as lack of sleep and stress, or seasonal changes where daylight becomes shortened, our daily internal cycles can easily fall out of sync and cause our body clocks to become imbalanced. Therapy Lamp is engineered to use light therapy technology to help realign body clocks and as a result stimulate the production of key substances by the brain.